Friday, December 02, 2011

Noumena Philosophical Canon

While the last post attempted to cover the more concrete canon, this post will list the books that comprise my Noumena philosophical canon. Every project needs an underlying set of principles that help guide the development of not only the final product, but arguably the process in which these systems were built. These books represent some of the core books that provided ideas that contributed to Noumena's process.

1.  The Complete Works of Aristotle, ed. Jonathan Barnes
2.  The Human Touch, Michael Fray
3.  Michel De Montaigne The Complete Works, Translated by Donald Frame
4.  The Phenomenom of Life, Alexander
5.  On the Nature of Things, Lucretius
6.  Being and Time, Heidegger
7.  The World of Perception, Merleau Ponty
8.  Experience and Prediction, Hans Reichenbach
9.  The Phenomenology of Perception, Merlau Ponty
10. The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination, Jacob Bronowski

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