Friday, February 15, 2008

Environmental Stabilization

One of the paper's that I've read lately is called: "The Stabilization of Environments" by Hammond, et al. One of the underlying premises is that agents/humans adapt their environments to suit THEIR needs. It's a fascinating paper, covering a lot of the variable bits and pieces that many papers neglect or skirt around. The part that I enjoyed the most is the analysis bit - where there are concrete examples of an agent adapting the environment; as well as an almost how-to of stabilizing behaviors. I found the paper in "Computational theories of Interaction and Agency", edited by Philip Agre.

Work has also been progressing on the Noumena, here is a latest screen capture - I hope to show a capture of the Noumena debugger in short order. It's a bit more entertaining to see how the flow of perceived and generated information as it occurs in the cognitive engine.