Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Multi-Platform Threading Engine

I've posted version 0.1 of the GLRThreading Engine. It is currently only suited for Windows and Xbox development or more precisely: any Windows based systems, but once I get to the final 1.0 release you'll have a threading engine, along with a generalized sync mechanism and a dependency graph to manage - well object dependencies!

If you have any feedback on the system please email it to me and if you want read about it in-depth, then buy a copy of Game Programming Gems Volume 7. I have an article detailing it's general architecture as well a bunch of general threading techniques.

The GLRThreading Engine will be used inside the GLR Cognitive Engine, as many of the internal systems require the ability to execute in parallel ( group promotion management, link management, memory migration, etc..).


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Currently Reading: Pitfalls of OO Development

I recently picked up a copy of an older book entitled, "Pitfalls of OO Development by Bruce Webster. It covers a lot of down in the trenches type issues such as object oozing (you gotta love that name), conceptual pitfalls, political pitfalls, analysis and design, proper base class creation as well as more higher level architectural issues - everything such as supposedly basic documentation issues, tools and reuse issues.

Is there any one particular part that stands out? Not really, it just coalesces as a nice book on object oriented development.

The managerial side of me really likes part 3, which covers mid project corrections. Some really basic, but nonetheless, down to earth advice.

Since the book came out awhile ago, you can pick it up on the cheap and is highly recommended.