Sunday, July 03, 2011

Emotions and Goals within Noumena

Emotions and Goals within Noumena
Started working on what in essence can be viewed as the emotional system for Noumena.
Appraisal module defined:
  1. Relevance of event
  2. Implications or consequence of event
  3. Can I cope w/the event?
  4. What is the significance of the event? To me? To allies?
Event defined: An externally observed phenomenon or an internally generated construct. E.g An opponents critter on your island – it's an event because it violates your perceived "ownership" of the island.
Events generated from violated self evident principles, e.g. A sense of ownership is definitely psychological in nature – another attribute for the RI psych profile. Ownership increases the perceived value of an object and this would actually be an excellent attribute of an RI to exhibit, because it not only factors into the immediate decisions but it would also allow for the RI to essentially want to exhibit behaviors such as: protect it's owned areas, retake objects taken by an opponent, and this could play into the more emotional aspects such as revenge, distrust, irritation etc. All emotional characteristics we want the RI to exhibit – naturally, if possible.

Goal Creation
Initially I'll create goals through the use of the concept of ownership – in MOTE this is initially the guide to goal creation.

A sense of ownership is one potentially just one element of an RI's personality.

Through the application of personality filter I could define other "desirable" personality components, e.g. Experimental or curious. These components could influence exhibited behavior – disproportionately.

Ownership questions:
  1. What do I currently own?
  2. What do I need to own?
  3. What should I own next?

As a game progresses from an opening mode, to a mid-game and finally to an endgame mode, the area of focus for these questions moves from an immediate focus to more distal concerns (e.g. Complexes, resources, farther away from the starting area).

Creating and Evaluating Goals With Respect to Ownership
Evaluation of tanks takes into consideration spatial relativity of the goal, with respect to concerns. E.g If a goal is at the bottom of the map – the RI should factor in strategies and tactics using that space, as well as the relational links of the cogents in between the start and destination when determining an appropriate response or series of responses.

Evaluation defined means a potential response or means to achieve that goal (perhaps suggesting that this is a plan) -> I dislike using the word plan as it has too much baggage.
The RI will need multiple methods of evaluating for and generating ownership.
Also need to establish why this region belongs to me, perhaps simple rules such as: my complex is on the island, or I need to expand – basically forms of justification.
Also need to be able to generate a concern for "trespassers" in an owned region. A couple examples should help here: An enemy simpleton on a large island would most likely cause little military concern, however a large group of tanks offloaded onto your island would probably matter! An aspect that would need to be considered is also the size of the land mass as that would influence the immediacy of the response as well as the overall strength of the response.
This is interesting because at a very fundamental level this seems a lot like an influence map – still, the influence map needs to be analyzed and evaluated to determine a response.

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