Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Research Continues....

So the work continues, ever so methodically and ever continuous. Real life has provided it's fair of distractions but everything moves forward. I've written the basic framework (more like the scaffolding) of the engine in which GLR resides and I'm now coding up the cognitive frames. So, I'm still on track for demonstrating an early version of the GLR engine and the game that uses it next year.

Some of the books that I've been (as of late) working through include:

Artificial Consciousness, Chella
Consciousness: Natural and Artificial, Culbertson
Commonsense Reasoning, Mueller
Cognitive Carpentry, Pollock
How to Build a Person, Pollock
The Connection Machine, Hillis
Causality, Pearl
A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness, Barr
In the Theatre of Consciousness, Barr
The Philosophy of Artifical Life, Boden
Introduction to Artifical Life, Adami
Cybernetic Machines, Nemes
Cognitive Engineering
The Web of Life, Capra
Nomic Probability, Pollock
How Can the Mind Occur in the Physical Universe, Anderson
Rules of the Mind, Anderson
Atomic Components of Thought, Anderson
Exploring Complexity, Nicolis

Some more so than others, for example the Anderson books are great - not only because they've to some degree been implemented but because they provide the broadest spectrum of understanding - from a theoretical exposition to an implementation.

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