Saturday, November 10, 2007

Architectures for Intelligence

Architectures for Intelligence is a compilation of articles from the Carnegie Mellon 22nd symposium on cognition. It is a veritable goldmine of ideas for cognitive engineers.

Touching on a number of systems that embody topics such as rational analysis, systems that target specific AI issues to an excellent discussion of goal reconstruction. The article on goal reconstruction compliments some of the central ideologies of the Noumena Cognitive Engine, by providing discussions on combining situated actions and planned actions. There is now a definitive module inside Noumena that specifically deals/attempts to recognize and reconstruct goals that may have been interrupted or even disassociated.

The overall structure of the book is excellent because either intentionally or inadvertently a lot of the papers feed off of each other.

Other gems include a paper on self-improving systems and my favorite, "The Place of Cognitive Architectures in Rational Analysis", by John Anderson. That article has true gems (both by Anderson and referenced works) - worth the price of admission.

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